Seaweed Sea Salt

Seaweed Sea Salt

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Wild Harvested seaweeds blended with Atlantic sea salt.


A blend of highly nutritious seaweeds is mixed into this salt, which can be used for cooking or as  stunning finishing salt.

Wonderful in Japanese cooking and can be used to add a rich savoury flavour to many soups, stews, casseroles, ramen, dumplings and breads.  Can also be used as a thickener or as a dramatic finishing salt.


Seaweeds used include Kombu, Nori, Alaria, Sugar Kelp, Dillisk, Sea Spaghetti and Pepper Dulse, which is sometimes known as "The Truffle of the Sea" for it's delectable, melt in the mouth taste.

This blend of seaweeds is rich in Iodine and a good source of protein, fibre, Vitamins A, C, E and B vitamins, Iron, polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants.


All Seaweed is wild harvested by hand  in County Clare using sustainable methods and with a deep respect for nature and the complex ecosystems that surround these natural resources. This is why seaweed sea salt is made in small batches, resulting in genuinely unique products which can be found only through the Naked Forager. 


Seaweeds are as seasonal as land weeds and so composition within the salt varies according to harvesting conditions and time of year.

I will never over harvest and only create small batches at a time. This way I can make sure that your seaweed sea salt is high quality and the environment I harvest it from is preserved.


Choose a coarse, crunchy texture for large crystals and stunning visual impact, or a finer, pourable texture that flows freely like sand, dissolves into a hot dish or can be sprinkled on a plate to add delictae, subtle flavour and decoration.


    Seaweed sea salt, 90grams 


    I think you will love your wild harvested seaweed sea salt.  If for any reason you are unhappy, however, please contact me and I will arrange a full refund or replacement striaght away.


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